Axis360 ReDesign

Baker & Taylor wanted to implement changes to their current user interface to incorporate user feedback into the designs. The result from findings came to an entire redesign of the website to better accommodate the user base and update the site to better comply with both accessibility guidelines and human interface guidelines.

The Process


Current users of the platform including librarians and patrons are engaged in qualitative testing through Lookback to determine the pain points in the existing design and where improvements are needed.



Feedback from the research testing along with gathering of human guidelines and outside research resources are used to inform and create a new design.


The design is placed in front of librarian and patrons to gauge improvements and usability of proposed design.

Feedback Informs Design

User-centric design to meet real human needs

User testing showed the patrons’ preferred method of engaging with their library’s eBook and audiobook offerings was through search or through featured titles on the homepage of the library. It also uncovered confusion surrounding the recommendations engine of the platform that would need an overall to satisfy the user needs.

Wireframes were created to help get users to the checkout materials faster and to search easier. New to the platform was the inclusion of mobile sizes previously left as a desktop only world. Mobile would help bridge the gap for users who did not want to engage with the app.

The design methodology was informed by studying the principles of Google’s Material Design and adapting it to browser format. Components and their interactions were informed by third party studies on similiar matter ( Smashing Magazine, Norman Nielsen ).

At very stage accessibility was addressed and corrected where needed as it was a big ask by both the librarians and the patrons.

Finally, working wireframes were introduced and basic interactions tested through Invision and any design pain points were addressed through early user engagement and testing.

Desktop HD Copy.png


I reached out to patrons who used our platform to find the points they struggled with the most and desired features to incorporate into the redesign where appropriate. The process set into place in this project was then copied throughout the organization for other projects.

Most importantly, it was now ingrained in the corporate culture of how important it was to reach not just to the librarians like had been done in the past, but to the people who used the app on a day to day basis.