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Axis 360 Mobile App

Reviews were pulled from the App Store and the Google Play Store and the most common issues users faced were selected for in-depth analysis. The findings should then be applied for potential solutions to help make their experience better.

Creating Empathy

Baker & Taylor were not used to hearing the voices of their patrons and the various ways they lived and used the app. Personas were created from polling patrons via GetFeedback and visiting a local library to create profiles to know the ‘faces’ of who we were designing and developing for.


User Voice

I presented stakeholders with quotes gathered from the testing videos and feedback forms gathered directly from our patrons to match the faces created in the personas to their needs and pains currently within the app. These quotes were used as the basis for the re-design of certain pages within the app and their workflows. Research was conducted using an analysis of what worked well with our competitor, OverDrive, and with a reading app the users already knew and loved: Kindle.

I want a quick and easy way to get to the books I’m reading.
Why does it take so long to get to the book I was last reading?
I would like my checked out books to be more accessible
I want the home page arranged more like Kindle. You know with my checked out books at the front.

The Final Product

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Taking the feedback given by users and studying what Kindle’s app does well a new home screen was created after login that featured titles currently being read by the patrons as the first thing they see. When tested it was received well and remarked frequently for the ease of use compared to their current experience.

In addition, a setting was added to their account to immediately take the user on login to the last title read in their check outs. This eased their journey and got them to what they wanted to do most in the app: Read or Listen to their titles.